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Brain tumour life...

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What is life? if you are not living it?

Hear It From Me

Positivity - One word that summarises my entire life! It might sound like a cliche but that is true and people who know me will be able to relate quickly to this! I don't want you to think reading my blog/stories here will change your life problems, but it will surely help you put things into perspective. Everyone that is living be it poor or rich, abled or disabled, dumb or intelligent, man or woman will have some problem in their life. They all have it in various flavors in million different combinations. But we all carry on with our life no matter how hard it is. So I simply take this as my life principle and ensure I stick to it wholeheartedly and not complain when I get in trouble or things don't go the way I wanted.

Right now I am dealing with a WHO Grade 3 Astrocytoma brain tumour for my last 3 years and this has taught me a lot than in the past 35 years before that!

So quite simply don't just look to "SURVIVE", make sure you "LIVE" too. There are sea of differences between the two and dive into my blog to learn more...

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