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Time - The Universe Boss !

"Time Flies", how often we say this? Almost every other day we utter this phrase but hardly give a thought or two about it and do not really know that "Time" is everything.

Take 100m racing, Justin Gatlin - The 2016 Rio Olympics Silver medallist lost to Usain Bolt by 0.08 seconds. But we all know the famous Bolt and not so much of Gatlin and this 0.08 seconds has made the difference.But does a normal person go through any such time pressure in a day? Practically negligible when we compare the time pressure with people whose lives are totally driven by time and how it determines their career, personal life and everything!

Catch me if you can!

We don't really know how a day starts and ends, before we realise the week's finished and so does the Month and so does another Christmas and New Year. I wondered why this is the case, especially the years after 2000 seemed to have rolled on too quickly.

Its sometimes good that time flies but most instances we want the time to slightly slowdown or even freeze so we could enjoy that moment a bit longer or fully immerse in to that time. 

But we are here in this world with a "prepaid - plan" and the duration of this plan (read as time) is variable but within a range. Though the expiry date of the plan could vary between individuals, a majority of them have a similar duration. How much we extend or shorten this prepaid plan depends on the individuals.

Now what do we actually do in terms of using this prepaid-time, 

-- Are we living (spending time) wisely?

-- Should we be selfish and only enjoy our life or live (spend) our life for others?

-- Are we supposed to be carefree given that anyway we are not here for eternity?

-- Should we live life differently at different ages ? E.g Work, Retirement etc?

-- What is the one thing we should definitely NOT be spending our time on?

These are various questions that comes to my mind when I think of time and spending it.

What I realised personally is one of the main strengths of any individual is TIME MANAGEMENT. 

I will keep this at the top of the pile in terms of personal strengths above every other strength anyone could ever have. Reason being, time lost is never recovered. So simply if you spent time on something that is not worth it, you will never get that back again.

But I too agree that, practically its impossible to micro manage everyday of life and reassure that you are spending your time wisely. So now for anyone who is worried about their time management, Its very important you figure out your day-to-day routine and list them down by 1 hour periods as first step towards gaining control over your time.

I think if you do the above list, you will see the fact hitting in your face. I mean, you will be spending time on things that you could easily find ways to shorten or totally avoid during your days.

Most of us love our sleep. But this is also where the problem starts, if we don't have a good sleep pattern, then we will wake up late that means you are catching up time already which you never will. So rise early with the Sun as did our ancestors and go to bed when its Dark.

Don't lose it !

Our friend "Big G" (google) says, an adult who lives for 75 years will sleep for almost 25 years in in their total lifetime. So you are actually living only for 50 years awake. Not saying that we should not sleep, have a quality 25 years of sleep if you are lucky and make the most of your 50 years living by wisely choosing your options to spend your time.

When you next time think of taking holidays over your work , make a decision that will give you memories as that is what you will talk about when you are 60 and not about a project you delivered when you were 30 or the profit you made through your business. Spending the quality time with kids, helping their homework, playing with them in garden, helping wife/husband with household stuff these are not chores, these are your memories again and builds a bond between your relationships. Spending your time with friends gives you that wings to fly above your problems, dream big and reflect yourself as a person.

Our life spent in years !

The more we think about our future, the more we will lose the present. That is we are wasting our credit from the prepaid plan(time). Its easy for anyone to say "live in the moment", but everyone have their life challenges that doesn't always let them do it. But what matters most is the "awareness" of how we are utilising the Time, Our Pre-paid card. As long as we are aware of our problems, we will find a solution to it and that is the power of humans!

Instead of just living the time (spending the Pre-paid card), use that credit wisely so that we exist (live in peoples memory) even after the expiry date !!

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